The downside to outsourcing


Posted on: 22/12/2015

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With the wide array of advantages of outsourcing, from lower cost to faster implementation of goods, there is a downside. From healthy work places to underage workers, there are things to consider. One large one is underage workers. Cheap labor is hard to pass up and also hard on the kids. Many of them are ages 4 to 12 and really miss out on what it means to be a child. They never can play or use their imaginative powers which are crucial to the young minds. Many of them are forced to work for very little money or food. They slave away for countless of hours, malnourished and tired. They feel a sense of duty however to provide for their families on what little they earn. Something no child should have to endure. When it comes to oursourcing you really should consider who is providing the labor and ask yourself would you be okay letting you child perform this task? Another downside is working conditions. Many of these facilities are poorly maintained, to maximize profits, that they workers are in constant threat of danger. Roofs cave-ins are frequent as well as parasite infections are rampant. I am of course talking about the Third World parts of the world. It is bad enough that they are starving and over worked to have to deal with terrible working environments. We understand for many of them this is actually the only way to make good money and it does provide a meager but ample existence. However we think with a little extra effort the environment could be better. Another downside is low pay. In these parts of the world there is not a huge need for money as it buys you a lot when you have American currency. But to these people they deal with very expensive products with inflation and corrupt governments. There must be a way to increase the pay even a little without passing the buck on elsewhere. Everyone from the top could make a little sacrifice to allow the actual workers for their products live a little bit better. Let's remember the downsides and do our part in helping everyone live a better life.

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